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Helping Accredited Investors Build Generational Wealth with Risk-Adjusted, Recession-Resistant Commercial Real Estate

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Achieving Legacy Wealth Outside of Wall Street

  • Finding Who to Trust and How to get Started
  • Finding the Time Research and Educate on Alternative Investments
  • Getting Access to Institutional-Quality Investments that High Return and Recession-Resistant
  • Lack of Diversification across Asset Classes, Operators, Geographies and Strategies
  • Finding partners that are Transparent and give regular Communication

Investor Focused, Macro-Driven Investment Strategies


Using strategies of the ultra wealthy we help high earners and high net worth individuals invest based on macro-economic trends and patterns. Our approach includes but not limited to asset classes that have performed and are predicted to perform best in the face of economic chaos.

Through extensive vetting and due diligene, our team set out on a mission to find the very best-in-class strategic operators in each space. Our goal is to provide diversification across asset classes, geographies, properties and strategies while securing better terms that individual investors can not get on their own.

Thoroughly Selected Operators, Geographies, Properties and Strategies


Tap into our carefully vetted, long term strategic partnerships with operators all over the country. Finding and establishing these relationships was not easy as we have extremely high standards and responsibility to our investors. Along with integrity and transparency, it is also important that these operators have long term experience especially through multiple economic cycles. Navigating through volatile markets successfully is a key indicator of a sponsors conservative and risk-adjusted approach.

"Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked."

Warren Buffett

How It Works


Let's get to know each other. Discuss what you will be investing in, understand the process and see if our funds is a good fit for you.


We'll notify you of upcoming investment opportunities and if you decide to move forward, we will walk you through the whole process.


Receive regular property update reports along with your quarterly distributions via Direct deposit or check.

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