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The Passive Investors Club helps high earners and high net worth individuals protect and grow their wealth through passive commercial real estate investing. 

We take a Different Approach to Investing that is Opposite from what is pushed by Financial Advisors or what we see in main stream media. We like to Invest in Real Assets that we can Touch and Understand and that are not subject to the wild swings of the Financial Markets. We don't want to be part of the herd who pursues the "Traditional" route leaving our Financial Future to Wall Street.

We believe investing is a long game. Investing with us is not a short term investment like a fix and flip deal. Even though fixer uppers are a great vehicle to make money, its not our philosophy. We invest to provide financially security now but also for our future generations. We just don't provide investment opportunities for our members but we also invest in these deals as well. 

We take a rigorous approach to due diligence and only select from the very best operators. Since 2012 when the JOBS ACT was enacted, syndication opportunities have flooded the marketplace and unfortunately, we've seen a lot of investors get blindsided by return projects and underestimate the risks associated with investing in commercial real estate. It is important to work with operators that have operated their asset class since before the 2008 financial crash and have proven to have successfully entered and exited a deal without losing investor capital.

To reduce risk we seek diversification in multiple asset classes, operators, properties and geographies. With a collective group investing approach we are able to negotiate with sponsors to secure better terms and get access to deals that was only available to large institutions and endowments. 

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Dwaine is the founder of Essential Realty Capital and with his team, he helps accredited investors invest in carefully selected passive investment opportunities. Learning from his mentors and other ultra-wealthy investors he quickly realized that the key to true financial freedom and generational wealth is through private investments that are not tied to the financial markets. Since 2012 since the JOBS Act was passed by congress everyday accredited investors can take advantage of investment opportunities that was typically available for the elite.

Dwaine is also the host of the Wealth Through Real Estate Investing Show and author of 3 best selling Real Estate books. He is also the founder of American Net Lease a commercial real estate brokerage firm focusing on Single Tenant Net Lease properties nationwide.

Dwaine graduated from American International College with a degree in Business and Computer Information Systems. He lives in Fort Myers, Florida with his wife and two children and enjoys traveling to Europe each year for months at a time. 

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