Episode Introduction:

Self Storage was just a small real estate niche not many investors talked about, now with the like of BlackStone and other institutional investors getting into the market, Self Storage has shortly become the darling on the block. My next guest Scott Myers who has been in the business for well over 20 years talks to us about the increased popularity and why self-storage should be in your investment portfolio.

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Podcast Episode Summary:

  • With all of the huge institutional investor demand is there room for new investors in this industry?
  • How can you significantly grow your NOI (Net Operating Income) through multiple profit centers
  • Why some investors fail by not performing proper due diligence
  • Why Scott decided to start coaching investors
  • What is Scott’s morning routine for success and what is he most grateful for

Guest Biography:

Scott Meyers is one of the nation’s leading experts in the self-storage business. Scott has a passion to share his experience and wisdom to help others succeed. Since 1993, he has architected dozens of extremely successful real estate transactions. He has built several multi-million dollar businesses in real estate including; single-family flips, to multi-family projects, industrial buildings, commercial office buildings, cold-storage buildings, warehousing, parking lots, and his favorite – self-storage.

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